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Onelab implemented advanced geolocation searching functionality by customizing queries on top of the Google Maps Places API. This enhancement enables users to perform precise location-based searches, improving the accuracy of search results. Additionally, We developed a document dropzone feature that allows clients to securely store their documents on an S3 Bucket. This feature ensures efficient and organized document management, providing clients with a reliable and user-friendly platform to store and access their important files. Through these innovative features, Onelab has provided clients with a robust and efficient document management solution, coupled with powerful geolocation searching capabilities, ensuring seamless user experiences and increased productivity.



To overcome this challenge, Onelab implemented a language translation module that automatically translates the German service center names to the preferred language of the user. This solution ensured a seamless and user-friendly experience for all users, regardless of their language proficiency.


By integrating the language translation module, Onelab successfully addressed the language barrier challenge, enabling users to view service center names in their desired language. This enhancement significantly improved the usability and accessibility of the product, ensuring a positive user experience for a wider range of users.

The simulator created by Onelab eliminated the need to wait for 21 days to verify the functionality, saving valuable time and resources during the testing phase. This solution enabled the development team to thoroughly evaluate the streak feature's performance, identify and address any potential issues, and deliver a robust and reliable meditation web application to users.

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Hamburg, Germany


Logistics Services



ReactJS, Serverless NodeJS, MongoDB