For Startups at Idea stage
Agile MVP Development

We specialize in providing agile development solutions for startups at the idea stage where we take full ownership of product. We help you launch MVP within 2-3 months.

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User Feedback

This model gives flexibility to develop product as per user feedbacks. Every sprint output can be tested with users.

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Product Market Fit

Through iterating development based on user feedback, product market fit is achieved.



We allocate a team of developers, designer and Product Manager to the project. The team will work in the following way.

Product Manager

  • Gathers client requirements
  • Prepares User Stories and create Kanban board
  • Allocates tasks to developers and designers
  • Conducts daily standup meetings
  • Holds weekly/bi-weekly sync meetings with the client
  • Communicates with third parties for dependencies (e.g., Payment gateways, KYC)

UI Designer

  • Creates UI designs & mockups
  • Collaborates with PM for design requirements


  • Work on assigned User Stories
  • Follow standard development process: separate environments, API testing, code quality checks

Tech Lead

  • Helps in designing architecture
  • Performs code reviews
  • Helps in resolving any challenges


What happend after the first MVP is developed?

We launch the product in the market and check user responses. Based on that we scale the team size up or down to achieve target growth

What are the payment terms for this engagement model?

For this engagement, we work in a retainer model. Based on the team size deployed, we charge clients on a monthly basis. Get in touch to know further.

What is ideal number of developers in a pod?

Generally, we deploy developers having 2 years of experience. In a pod, 2-3 developers suffice unless the there is time constrain or the project is really complex